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    Huaguo mountain card activated carbon with large specific surface area, strong adsorption, filtering speed, high wear resistance strength characteristics, mainly is suitable for the liquid phase and gas phase adsorption, adsorption and decolorization, adsorption, purification, filtration, carrier, deodorant, dry, fresh, recovery and purification, to smell, etc. Widely used in all kinds of reagent refining, pharmaceutical, sugar, food, beverage, wine, water purification, chemical industry, electric power, textile, environmental protection, nuclear energy, electroplating industry, gold extraction, etc. Products has won the municipal, provincial, ministry, national quality products, sales coverage throughout the country, enjoys a long reputation in the market. Exports of Germany, the United States, Japan, Israel, South Korea, Taiwan and southeast Asia and other countries and regions, is one of the main production base of export of activated carbon in China.

    Job title: part-time salesman/sales representative
    Salary: consultation
    Release date: 2016-6-6
    Demand number: there is no limit
    Validity: 5 years
    The specific requirements:
    1, educational background
    2, with potential customers.


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