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    Pharmaceutical injection, food industry intermediate decoloring purification series of activated carbon

    Material technology: this series of products, such as the use of wood as raw materials, the use of chemical or physical method of production, after the treatment of scientific formula refined into powdered activated carbon.
    Features: with decolorization ability, purification degree high, fast filtering speed, stability and other characteristics, of drugs and various injection injection to remove "caused by heat and decolorization of food additives, purification more special efficacy.
    Scope of application: widely used in pharmaceutical industry, fine chemical industry, pharmaceutical intermediates, chemical raw materials, chemical raw materials, bio pharmaceutical, the decolorization, purification, purification, purification, purification. Apply to the food industry, intermediate, beverage brewing, water treatment, decolorization, purification, in addition to taste, purification.

    Texture of materialParticle size (mesh)Water
    Methylene blue
    ash content
    Acid soluble substance
    Quinine sulfate(mg/g)
    No carbonization
    HGS-302woodiness180104.5-7.51650.025No significant
    HGS-762woodiness180103-61650.025No significant
    HGS-767woodiness180105-70.021653.00.100.0050.8120No significant
    HGS-769woodiness180124-70.051653.00.100.005120No significant
    HGS-777woodiness180122-60.12406.00.05120No significant
    HGS-781woodiness180122-60.12706.00.05120No significant

    Texture of materialParticle size (mesh)Iodine adsorption value
    Methylene blue
    sulphated ash
    Water soluble matter
    High aromatic hydrocarbonchloride
    HGS-306woodiness180900195107. experimentThrough experiment

    [standards] according to GB GB/T12496-1999 GB29215-2012 standard method.
    [packing] plastic, KG, 25KG, 20 tons of installing and using add clean 55% wet goods.
    [note] no item quality index can be produced according to the special needs of activated carbon counterparts.


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