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    Energy electric power, petrochemical refining, desulfurization and denitrification series of activated carbon

    Material and craft: the series featured products kernel shell or anthracite as raw materials by high temperature water vapor activation process, crushing and screening, refined and granular, powdered activated carbon.
     Features: with a large specific surface area, pore structure, adsorption capacity, high wear resistance, washing resistance, easy regeneration and so on.
     Scope of application: suitable for water purification, desulfurization, denitrification, gas phase, liquid phase adsorption and purification of all kinds of sour gas in thermal power plant, steel plant, petrochemical refining industry.

    Texture of materialSpecifications
    Iodine adsorption value
    Total pore volume
    Methylene blue
    Apparent density
    HGS-315Shell / coal¢1.0-2.0500-10005-1095~0.850.5-0.7
    HGS-340Shell / coal¢3.0-9.0300-10005-1095~0.850.5-0.7
    HGS-360Shell / coal1-20mm800-11005-1090~0.950.45-0.6
    HGS-362Shell / coal180目800-11005-10~0.95180

    [standard] according to the national standard GB/T12496-1999, GB/T7702-2008 standard method.
    [packing] plastic 25-40KG package, ton, canned and added 55% using clean wet goods.
    [note] no item quality index can be produced according to the special needs of activated carbon counterparts.


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