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    Gold purification, noble metal catalyst carrier activated carbon series

    Material technology: this series of products using hard imported coconut shell as raw material, the use of physical and chemical double activation process production, after the treatment of scientific The active carbon is prepared by the process of the high active crystallite structure.
     Features: with the characteristics of high porosity, high purification, anti friction, washing resistance, fast adsorption, stable properties and so on.
     Scope of application: mainly used in the precious metals, gold extraction, pharmaceutical industry, hydrochloric acid doxycycline, catalyst carrier, acetylene synthesis of ethylene vinegar ethylene used as catalyst carrier, gas masks, harmful gas purification, adsorption and protection etc.

    Texture of materialIodine adsorption value
    Methylene blue
    specific surface area
    Total pore volume
    ash content
    Apparent density
    End carbonization
    HGS-200coconut husk90010510900~0.860.50-0.60957.0No significant
    HGS-201coconut husk1000128101000~0.885-80.45-0.55957.0No significant
    HGS-202coconut husk1100135101050~0.905-80.45-0.55957.0No significant
    HGS-205coconut husk1200140151200~0.903-60.40-0.50957.0No significant
    HGS-206coconut husk1300150151250~0.903-60.40-0.50957.0No significant
    HGS-208coconut husk1500165151350~0.923-50.35-0.45957.0No significant

    [standard] according to the national standard GB/T12496-1999 standard method.
    [packing] 20KG, 25KG, woven ton can be.
    [note] no item quality index can be produced according to the special needs of activated carbon counterparts.


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