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    Treatment of organic waste gas by activated carbon fiber
    Source: Jiangsu Liaoyuan Activated Carbon Co., Ltd   Time2016/6/24 11:35:47

    Organic waste gas is a part of the gaseous pollutants, emissions from various industries, such as chemical emissions, fluorine containing waste gas, gaseous hydrocarbons, odor gases, etc.. Engine exhaust governance in three ways: the first is the catalytic combustion method. It uses a catalyst to decompose or organic waste gas combustion into harmless gases and can not be recovered; the second is absorption method, to a certain chemical liquid to absorb organic waste gas, and then separation, high operating cost, recovery effect is not good, more limitations; the third is adsorption method, it is based on physical adsorption of activated carbon and application range of most widely, with low operation cost and the characteristics of material recovery.
    The key of the adsorption method is the equipment configuration of the adsorbent and the adsorption process. The method is that the organic gas is adsorbed onto the adsorbent, and then it is separated from the adsorbent to be a liquid, and then the organic gas is collected and processed to be reused for production or sale.
    2 materials
    For a long time, people have been using granular activated carbon as an adsorbent to adsorption of these chemical organic waste, but due to the surface area of the activated carbon particles smaller, so in order to increase the contact area of the activated carbon, it must be filled with a large number, the adsorption device bulky, and for a long time, the carbon particles will turn into powder, affecting the adsorption quantity, what is more, it needs to change often, in replacement of black dust up, serious pollution places. Black dust will enter the operator's respiratory tract, harm to human health.
    Activated carbon fiber (hereinafter referred to as ACF) was born in the entire environmental protection industry is a revolution. ACF is to viscose fiber as raw material, through high temperature carbonization, activation is made of fibrous adsorbent materials. Compared with the community recognized as good adsorption material, granular activated carbon, ACF has the following significant of characteristics:
    (1) large specific surface area, high effective adsorption capacity. Due to the surface area of the same weight of fiber particles was nearly a hundred times, so it is necessary to the weight of the filling of active carbon fiber is very small, however the adsorption efficiency is very high, according to the waste gas treatment of organic gas content and other physical properties of the different adsorption efficiency between 85% to 98%, multistage adsorption process can reach 99.99%, far higher than the granular activated carbon adsorption to the highest adsorption rate was 88% and the volume and the total weight is very small.
    (two), adsorption, desorption of short trip, fast speed, desorption and regeneration of low energy consumption. ACF on organic gas adsorption than granular activated carbon (GAC) several times to several times, the inorganic gas also has a good adsorption capacity, and can maintain a high adsorption desorption rate and a longer service life. Such as steam heating 6-10 minutes, you can completely remove attached, good heat resistance, in an inert gas in high temperature above 1000 DEG C, in air ignition point of 500 DEG C or above.
    (three), the shape is variable, the use is convenient. Because activated carbon fiber can be made felt, so it is very convenient to replace, will not cause any harm to human body.
    (four) special ACF with special properties can be produced according to the need; the strength is good, will not cause the two pollution.
    Comparison of the performance and application effect of activated carbon particles and activated carbon fibers
    As can be seen from the table, activated carbon fiber adsorption recovery device has obvious advantages, and the activated carbon particles adsorption recovery device only in the initial investment accounted for a small advantage. In previous years many customers due to lack of understanding of the activated carbon fiber adsorption recovery device, also do not calculate cost of operation and recovery of the 10% of the value of materials, considering only the initial investment may also have to cope with environmental protection ideas, so promotion up pofeizhouzhe. Now after 10 years of promotion, the industry's macro economic and environmental awareness are enhanced, and have seen the same economic bright spot, in addition to the already done 10 industrial examples, there is now many customers are in close contact.
    3 applicable industry
    Petroleum chemicals, pesticides, automotive parts, electrical, electronic components, printing, coating, coating, rubber, paper, film, fiber, plastic, artificial leather, dry cleaning, pharmaceutical products, brewing, chemical laboratories, etc..
    4 recycled materials
    Benzene, toluene, xylene, toluene, hexane, heptane, naphtha, cyclohexane; trichloroethylene, perchloroethylene, trichloro ethane, methylene chloride, chlorobenzene, Trichlorobenzene, carbon tetrachloride, chloroform, freon; acetone, butanone, methyl isobutyl ketone, cyclohexanone; acetate, butyrate; ether, dichloro ethane, tetrahydrofuran, furfural; methanol, ethanol, butanol; acetic acid, ethenyl ester, acrylic acid, acrylonitrile, styrene and acrylic acid.
    5 process
    The adsorption device can be divided into 2-3 adsorption chamber, which is controlled by microcomputer, automatic switching, and the process of adsorption desorption (drying). The exhaust vent after decompression after filtration into the adsorber adsorption. Adsorption of ACF a certain number of organic waste gases, water vapor desorption and desorbed organic matter and water vapor in the condenser, by condensation of water and the organic matters into layered groove, the gravity segregation and the upper organic automatic overflow to the storage tank for recycling, lower condensing water is discharged into the wastewater processing system, to dissolve in water organic matter needs further fractionation.


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