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    Technical method for judging the quality of activated carbon
    Source: Jiangsu Liaoyuan Activated Carbon Co., Ltd   Time2016/6/24 11:36:09

    1, directly to the manufacturers to provide indicators. Activated carbon adsorption of commonly used indicators mainly include: the iodine adsorption value, carbon tetrachloride (CTC) adsorption value of methylene blue adsorption, iodine adsorption value used to represent the activated carbon adsorption capacity of liquid material, carbon tetrachloride adsorption value used to represent the activated carbon adsorption capacity of gaseous substances, methylene blue adsorption value is used to represent the decoloring capacity of activated carbon. The higher the three indexes, the stronger the adsorption capacity of activated carbon. So everyone in the purchase of activated carbon can be used in accordance with their own use of these indicators to provide manufacturers to choose suitable for their own use of activated carbon.
    2, look at the volume: the same box, Lu Bo activated carbon why any other big volume? As described above, in order to improve the adsorption performance of activated carbon, only as far as possible on the activated carbon manufacturing pore structure, porosity, the more the crisp the activated carbon, relative density would be more light, so feel good of activated carbon will be relatively light, in the same weight packing, the good performance of the activated carbon will be much larger than the volume of the poor quality of activated carbon.
    3, look at the decolorization ability. Another manifestation of adsorptive capacity of activated carbon is decolorizing ability, activated carbon has the colored liquid into the magical ability of light colored or colorless. In fact, this is because the activated carbon adsorption of colored liquid pigment molecules causes of. Because of the characteristics of the activated carbon, is widely used in the production process of the sugar industry in the field of brown sugar sugar. Take two transparent cup, into the pure water in a cup, and then drops into a drop of red ink (here can with any kind of easy to observe but does not change the nature of water pigment can be, for example, the blue ink printer color ink, but not the use of ink and the carbon ink), after mixing evenly will half colored water into another cup for contrast sample. The activated carbon into the colored water quantity to water half or more, this effect will be more obvious, the static 10 - 20 minutes later and contrast samples were compared. Under the same conditions, the stronger the decolorization effect that activated carbon adsorption is better.


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