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    Understanding of the nature of activated carbon and the possibility of unsafe
    Source: Jiangsu Liaoyuan Activated Carbon Co., Ltd   Time2016/6/24 11:36:43

    Usually think that application of activated carbon no safety issues, but no actual absolute safety, the safety of application of activated carbon can not be taken lightly, the properties of activated carbon and unsafe possibility should be aware of.
    On fire
    (1) activated carbon included in the list of hazardous chemicals, is a spontaneous combustion of goods, number 42521, flammable. After the fire will not occur flaming, smoldering just.
    (2) if the activated carbon combustion, if insufficient ventilation, will generate toxic carbon monoxide.
    About storage
    (1) activated carbon must be kept in a fire resistant building as far as possible.
    (2) activated carbon can not be mixed with the oxidant
    (3) the ban on open flame, sparks and smoking
    Leakage treatment
    Leakage: isolation leakage pollution area, limit access. Cut off the fire source. It is recommended that emergency handling personnel wear self-contained breathing apparatus and wear protective clothing.
    Fire extinguishing treatment
    Combustion: flammable. Fire extinguishing agent: water, foam, carbon dioxide, sand. Around the scene of the fire extinguishing media available.
    Emergency handling
    Inhalation: quickly from the scene to fresh air. Maintain airway patency. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. If breathing stops, immediately carry on artificial respiration. Medical treatment.
    Ingestion: oral intake of water gargle. Medical treatment.
    Skin contact: immediately remove contaminated clothing, wash with plenty of water, at least 15 minutes. Medical treatment.
    Eye contact: immediately lift the eyelids, with a large number of flowing water or physiological saline rinse for at least 15 minutes, medical treatment, global water purification.
    1 before use to clean the dust removal, otherwise the black dust may temporarily affect the water quality of cleanliness. But is not recommended wash with fresh water directly, because porous activated carbon adsorption once in a lot of water and chlorine bleach, then put into the filter when used on water quality caused by the destruction of, I believe no need I say more.
    2 usually simple cleaning, is unable to the activated carbon in the multi pore clogging debris clean. So, be sure to regularly replace activated carbon, in order to avoid activated carbon due to "adsorption saturation" and loss of efficacy. And the timing of the replacement is best not to wait for it to be replaced after the failure, so to ensure that the active carbon can continue to remove harmful substances in the aquarium water. Recommended to replace 1-2 times a month of activated carbon
    3 the efficiency of the treatment of water quality is related to the amount of treatment. The effect of water quality is relatively good ".
    4 quantitative activated carbon is used, in the early use of water quality changes should be regularly observed, and pay attention to the observation results, as long as the time to determine the time to judge the failure of activated carbon.
    5 in the use of pharmaceutical treatment of fish diseases, should be temporarily remove activated carbon, suspended. In order to avoid the drug is activated carbon adsorption and reduce the treatment effect.
    6 activated carbon in the long-term adsorption of toxic gases, often come up with outdoor release. If the long time of adsorption will be their own adsorption of toxic gases released. Activated carbon itself does not decompose toxic gases, the role is like a window, the most important toxic indoor or a lot of windows.


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