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    Super activated carbon has a high specific power
    Super activated carbon equipment has the advantages of high specific power, long cycle life, high current charge and discharge, environment friendly, safe and maintenance free, it is a promising vehicle power battery. The key material of the super activated carbon equipment is Shanghai activated carbon, which mainly comes from petroleum, coal, sludge, p...
    The role of activated carbon in water treatment industry
    Activated carbon is a special treatment of carbon, with numerous small pores, a large surface area, the surface area per gram of activated carbon 500-1500m2. Activated carbon has a strong physical adsorption and chemical adsorption function, but also has the role of detoxification. Detoxification is the use of its huge area, the poison adsorbed on the a...
    The present situation of the application of activated carbon in the treatment of waste gas
    Activated carbon which in the waste gas treatment of far less wastewater treatment active, because the traditional waste gas processing method, such as electric dust collector, cyclone dust collector method, granite water film removal law are of exhaust gas treatment can achieve good results, such as electrostatic precipitator removal of pollutants can ...
    Understanding of the nature of activated carbon and the possibility of unsafe
    Usually think that application of activated carbon no safety issues, but no actual absolute safety, the safety of application of activated carbon can not be taken lightly, the properties of activated carbon and unsafe possibility should be aware of.On fire(1) activated carbon included in the list of hazardous chemicals, is a spontaneous combustion of go...
    Technical method for judging the quality of activated carbon
    1, directly to the manufacturers to provide indicators. Activated carbon adsorption of commonly used indicators mainly include: the iodine adsorption value, carbon tetrachloride (CTC) adsorption value of methylene blue adsorption, iodine adsorption value used to represent the activated carbon adsorption capacity of liquid material, carbon tetrachloride ...
    Treatment of organic waste gas by activated carbon fiber
    Organic waste gas is a part of the gaseous pollutants, emissions from various industries, such as chemical emissions, fluorine containing waste gas, gaseous hydrocarbons, odor gases, etc.. Engine exhaust governance in three ways: the first is the catalytic combustion method. It uses a catalyst to decompose or organic waste gas combustion into harmless g...
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